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2. Why is innovation important for Thai marketers?



Because of……………..



Before we talk about Thai marketers, it’s should be known the reason of its importance. The question of “why is innovation important for Thai marketers?” is now temporary changed to be “why is innovation important for marketers?”.


From the article of “Steve Jobs, Apple & the Limits of Innovation”2 by Carleen Hawn, in the section Getting Innovation Right, the sections are listing about the conceptual as following:


          Not All Innovation Is Equal

          If the innovation doesn’t generate enough money, it’s art.

          Don’t Hoard Your Goodies

          Innovation Doesn’t Generate Growth. Management Does

          Attention Deficit Has No Place Here


After analyzed the concepts, we found the ideas given for the marketer as


          Lead the marketer thinks about 2 terms of innovations

o       Technology innovation earns a lots of adoring fans

o       Business-model Innovation earns a lots of money

          Lead the marketer to classify the products and services before launch. And also lead the marketer to monitors the marketing methodology after launched.

          Lead the marketer to express the idea and imagination freely for the benefits of company

          And also reminded the marketer to focus on the customers rather than innovated products.

          Pay concentration and believe in the innovation.




Looking back to the idea given; we found the important reasons in innovation for marketer.



We found that;




  1. Marketer will know what should be done if the customer or company that hires the marketer need to earn whether fans or money. – Marketer can plan and set the marketing plan and strategies to serve the customer requirement.





  1. Marketer can determine and make decision of the product launch and release time. And the innovation goods are making marketer do the job much easier. Looking back to Ansoff’ matrix: New market, new product; that is very easy to do the marketing. Then looking back the marketing mix of Cotler, 4 P; If that innovation is the first thing to the market, it’s pretty much suite for product principle, and also promotion. It’s easy to introduce the product to market and easy to launch a promotion to make a product awareness to the market.





  1. Innovation in concept; push and given the marketers challenge to express their imagination and creativity; to launch the campaign or to show off something.





  1. Above of all others, this point reminds the marketer to concentrate on the customer in the same way of focus on the product. To keep the customer is using the innovation marketing concept of CRM; it’s pretty much giving the benefit in saving cost and expanding the market.





  1. Marketer is able to deny the innovation but this point also reminds that marketer has believed in their product before convinces to the end user (Customer). And the innovation in marketing concept means there is a change to the marketing world; a good marketer should be stepped as fast as the changed time.




Out of the things describe in previous, we must pay attention to the question of “why is innovation important to Thai-marketers?”



The answer of this question must refer to the previous section I written. If the innovation is important to every single marketer, why shouldn’t important to the Thai-marketer3. It has meaningful to every Thai-marketer also, let’s me explain in adaptation of innovation marketing to Thai-style.

The Thai-style marketing


…is about the linkage of modern to the Thai bureaucratic style with the cultural prospect. As same as in the term of CRM, Thai are easier to retain the relationship by the nature. There is not even need to pursue the customer data, just only use the traditional style of “ไปลามาไหว้” and pay respect to the customer, are enough. Then manage the relationship, which was retaining from Thai-CRM style, with modern rhythm to the push the products, services or even campaigns to that retained relationship. It’s just only one of many examples.

Whenever I saw the Kotler article of “Winning in marketing” in the book’s name “Kotler in Marketing”, I realize that innovation products are served to the market frequently. But succeeds are really less than the entered. It could be explain in two terms, One – lack of good marketing, Two – products are not good. If we focus only on the lack of good marketing, the need is only good marketer. It means that new Innovations require more marketers or good marketer. That is indirect benefit that marketer receive from innovation.


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