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3. Yet innovation calls for creativity, which is sorely lacking. What can marketers do to address the lack of creativity in Thai companies?



From the first question we can stage the word of creativity in 2 characteristics;


First, creativity in term of “Object”



Means that in an introducing of the goods to the market, there is not the new creativity things enter the business or enter the market. It’s difficult for marketer to make the product survives in the old market with big existing products. To compete, it should be use a lot of money to do the campaign, to introduce the product, to advertise the product and to conduct the store to put this product on the shelves.



The future of that product, neither it’s going to be product off the shelf, nor obsolete.






Second, creativity in term of “Concept”



Means that in the methodologies in push the products or services to the market are not good enough or remain the same for a long time. In the competed society such as Bangkok this era, there are a lot of creative products announcing every day. All products are creativity and if they use the same style of marketing, only the first announce with money injection is survived. Other products need new creative marketing concept to add the value to its product. As describe, by the equations in the book name’s “Innovation and firm performance” by “Alfred Kleinknecht and Pierre Mohnen”, about the marketing value added on the product; it means the cost of product can be raise by the marketing theme that used.



Evermore, one type of the style or theme or concept of marketing does not exist. There will be the adapted or changed or invented concepts born and dead, it could be concluded that the creativity in concept would be last for very long time since the product being announced.





After long explanation, let’s back to the question. The first question asks about the sorely lacking in the creative.



Again we look in the attributes that compose to creativity.





          Self believe (confidence)

          Team believe (trust)

          Entrepreneur mind

          Appropriated combination of science and art (business mind)



If lack of 2 out of 7 attributes, there could not display as creativity.



The Thai


The things I found to be causes of lack creativity in Thai are almost in the described attributes. Mainly it’s because of the Thai nature which is composed by the cultures, traditions, routines and the life styles.



We now move forward to the second question; what can do to address the lack of creativity in Thai-companies?


In reality it is quite easy to see or found the lack of creativity in the company, marketers can only looks at the business plan, marketing plan, financial summary; and it can tell the marketer the problems that occurred or will occur in the next future. One of that may occur is caused by the lack of creativity, it’s affecting to anything not only sale volume, sale amount, profit, etc. and it may occurred by business plan or marketing plan. Even though it’s easy to detect, but it’s really hard to tell the Traditional fat-head Thai company.



If I were that marketer who consult that fat-head company, I would be addressed the creative lacking points to the 3 parts of company.


Before straight to the points, a marketer must be said clearly without any bias and let’s the audience know the style of marketer and also the reason why marketers talked. Generally speak with good example.


  1. Managerial Part: The good manager or good management team must have the attributes of open mind in welcome the suggestions and also have the good analyzing and decision making skills. They should be creatively in management. If we found the decrease of gross income decrease, the problem of lacking creativity is stating here.


  1. Operational Part: The operational related departments, which include production, support and services, finance, HR and Sale + Marketing, are related together with the purpose of gaining value to the company. If and only if business plan is not a problem, the problem fall down to this part. The problems can caused by no innovation goods produced, no services campaign launch or financial procedure is not fast enough to support the smooth of working flow. There need the creative mind in solving these problems. If the problems are still happened, it means that operational related departments are lacing of creativity.


  1. Marketing Scheme: Directly impact to the marking and sale theme, if the goods can not be sold, means the marketing schema using is not appropriate one. And after launch the second re-plan method, if the problems are not solved. It means that this department and team leaders are lacking of creativity.

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