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4. Which innovations do you consider to be landmarks in the history of marketing in Thailand?



The things to consider in term of Defining the word “Landmarks” compose of many factors. Such that it could be the most effect to that place, it could be the history, it could be the most important thing, or it could be the first introduce. After I consider what it should be the landmarks of innovation by mean, I stated the landmarks in many things or event; such as the first announced of the marketing knowledge, the marketing that related first invented object by Thai, and the marketing event that impact Thai market most.




Whatever it is,

I’m considering the landmark by 3 conditions;


          Big impact,

          Earlier or first announce in marketing technique,

          and recognition (still remember by mostly Thai people).



Oishi green tea


The only thing that covers my all 3 conditions is the “Oishi green-tea”, seriously it’s only came to the market not for long time just only a couple of year. And it does not even a first green-tea that entered the Thai-soft drink market. In fact the “Oishi green-tea” is the second or third entered of the market, the first one in Thai green-tea market is “Unif” from Taiwan.



I found the Oishi advertisement on the history of the Oishi.




From the Japanese word oishi, which means delicious, the Oishi Group brings to Thai consumers healthy and delicious Japanese food and beverages. The companys Japanese roots are displayed throughout its restaurants, menus and advertisements, and in its marketing and branding activities.




From any fact and analysis of the brand and campaign launch, we found that Oishi is strongly consumer-focused and succeeds through closely understanding customer needs and perceptions.


The Oishis strong consumer focus was evident most recently in its highly successful launch of Thailands first locally-produced ready-to-drink bottled green tea beverage. The new Oishi Green Tea was introduced using the slogan The Real Sensation of Japanese Green Tea, matching Thai consumers view that the best green tea comes from Japan.




The methods to gain the customer to consume the Oishi green-tea are composing of many marketing tools. Start from branding – making the brand identity – brand extension – brand awareness – brand equity and consumer based, furthermore in each branding tool there’re still be others sub-technique.




Moreover in the marketing activity, the marketing IMC (Integrated marketing communications) are also using by Oishi to get the customer. Both of above the line marketing and below the line are widely effectively used. The oishi gain the market share double to market owner – “Unif” – at the first year after announcement.





After that at the earlier time this year, Oishi launch the marketing campaign “Thunder strike Rich” – one lid, one million – that cause the phenomenal of lack of Oishi green-tea available in the shop. Then the sale volume reaches the peak of bottle-beverage drink in Thai history. From the phenomena of the sale volume, the beverage-drink is broke down and the green-tea is having their own market outward the bottle-beverage soft drink.



Many goods are trying to follow the marketing strategy of Oishi, but no-one else is achieving the successful as similar as the “Oishi”. Those phenomenal are the reason of why I considered stating the oishi as the landmark of innovation in Thai marketing history.

5. How can we push innovative marketing in Thailand?



The question of ‘how can we push innovation marketing in Thailand’ could be a question just only for ask today; perhaps in very soon future this question is going to change to be another; Because of the world are changing in every single second, no marketing methodology and concept last long forever. The marketing will change in one-day; the innovative marketing is the nearest coming in very soon, anyway.






Its look like this picture: the marketing will change in anyhow, as compete in new market will be occurred.


What is the driven?



If we talk about pushing something new for replace the existing one, the driven to the push is about the benefit. Such either to the marketing, the change in marketing methodology means the budget or cost will be raised. And no evidence to guarantee that new changed will be effect and give more benefits.




Method of Push the innovative marketing



Leave the doubt of evidence there, and then go back and talking about how to push innovative marketing to Thailand. The thing in dealing with the changing and increasing in cost, is the ROI (Return Of the Investment). In both term of ROI, direct ROI and indirect ROI, are concerned. The direct ROI means that what we gain from this investment and the duration of returning money. And the indirect ROI means that what we will gain the other terms out of money. If the ROI of changing to innovative can compete with the normal marketing style, the firms or company will accept the innovative marketing.



Anyhow if I am the one who going to push the innovative marketing, I will do the comparison chart or show the successful implementing the innovative marketing cases. Then I’ll compare the ROI in the investment of innovation marketing to the existing marketing methodology. Compare in the more benefits that receive from invest in new marketing approach to the existed recurring benefit that may not rise from the current marketing schema.





And I may calculate the days left for the companies that use the old business marketing strategy. No matter what is more important but the marketers who deal with this innovative marketing themselves must sense, and believe in the new marketing scheme. The really push the innovation marketing are the understanding and believing in the innovation and the new innovative schema.


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