Answer these following questions: 1 of 7

Answer these following questions:


1. What is the role of innovation in marketing in Thailand?



Firstly, for answered this question, I have been deserved to have some knowledge in the regularly role of innovation in marketing. It’s really hard to find what is the exactly role of innovation in marketing from the internet. But while I was a hopeless guy in cyberspace, I was tried to think about the marketing scenario in the future. As my imagination, I really think that the role of marketer will always remain the same. But the work of marketer must exactly change from the world today because of the pace of changing environment has accelerated, creating new challenges for organizations and new areas of focus for marketers. The number of sectors traditional boundaries have been removed and, supported by the improving technologies; many are operated 24-7. And the customers also continue to become more demanding, as doing as the organization’s investors.



My imagination of future scenario illustrated that competitors are being similarly driven, so the need to identify opportunities to take the advantage of build and maintain sustainable competitive potential has not been more important. The marketer must do something else.



So, I found the article besides (in the Appendix I section; 1) that leads my idea about the working of marketer in the future. The techniques of implementing and driving the market become more and more. The future marketers will be better in using more techniques effectively.


By the way it’s not exactly related to the question. But it gives the idea!!



Drawback to the present, I finally changing my mind, I just only think about the innovation of marketing. After scoping down and cutting the role out, the picture becomes clearly. Current marketing innovation is about the brands, customer relations and the customer experiences. In order to answer the question, I have already known the general role of innovation in marketing, which are some roles related to the brand. The roles such as brand manager, brand consultant, brand maker or even ordinary marketers with manage the brand





For Thailand marketing



…, if we talked about “brand”, there are not such a lot of roles about the brand. Prominent role we always hear is the consultant! (Also brand consultant) Further more, we can break down the marketing department to each role and each responsibility, and then we select the position related to brand.



We will have


          Marketing manager which conduct and manage the brand related person and department,






          Brand manager which is respond only for the brand,






          PR(s) which is represent the presence of the company or organization (Brand),











          Advertising staffs which are showing the brand and making brand awareness, and also






          Event organizer which performs and conducts the event serving the brand.




In the other hand, do not forget the customer relation and also customer experience. Looking back to the effective functionalities of staffs in the company, the sale person has to do the acquisition of new customers and then there must be a team or person to watching out the existing customer.


The benefits of look after the existing customers are much, such as retaining customer use the cheaper cost than gaining new customers, also means company has the opportunities to approach enhance product to the current users.


The roles that related:

          Customer support staffs

          Call centers

          Ordinary marketers

          Customer relation staffs





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