break – broke – broken’ up

Seems to me, the “break up” films make me feel like rise my history up now. Means that one of the histories of mine is recalling. I used to experience something like this before – the situation of 2 ego-centric couple argued each other and once each felt sorry but couldn’t apologies till the time was over. Anyway both of us stepped on each route; then met each other and could smile as the old day. The movie recalls my memory about it clearly, once I broke up to a girl but now we can communicate as the ordinary friend. When we meet, sometimes, she hugs me and smiles to me, but we are not belonging to each other.


We have too much ego and when we feel something it always late for apologies. I am a human being kind; I always do something as the usual man do, so do her. We did some mistakes and they were revealed and then we stuck to the results of what we did.


The warm environment is always surrounding us when we met, but we both know what should be done. We are always decided not to ahead recover the relationship. Because we know what if it recovered; it could not be the same as purifying relationship and it will be breaking up again and again. And we suppose to believe that if the recovered is destroyed, we could not even remember the good things each other.




At the last part, the warm it shows and the lonely it is, make me shrink to the deep emotional area where I can found only the loveless or love sick feeling. And I remind myself what to compare – it’s my life – today I was talking to someone at the early morning, the lately night in fact, she stop my breath. I look similar to the end of this film, but different in the rhythms and the motion. The films show failure of couple when it passes the couple time and it produce the warm environment of friendship of the lovers. While me, it happens backward. I’m now in the situation of lovers’ friendship, even, we are never being lovers.


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