trapped – concealation

The last blog was written up last lately night, after the films was over. But I posted it this afternoon – seem not to be displaying that gut-feeling.
so that no need to look backward, I’m forwarding!!
‘Program returns and chains the interior locations where mechanical, plumbing, and electrical routing can be made inconspicuously, such as wall interiors, ceiling floor assemblies, and other concealed spaces. Program uses variations of the fill, reverse fill, vector rotation, converse vector plane, data input, and projection methods for this determination. ‘
At first I think about ‘conceal’ and try putting -ation suffix to made it be a noun. Nevertheles what it should be but my -ation suffix made it different from my first concealing imagine. It should be noun of the verb ‘conceal’ at any prospect, but it’s not.
The suitable suffix is not enough to my verbal went noun, I was trapped on the regular English regulation.
Someone, I mean almost everyone, always trapped on the ordinary situation and regulation, while almost the time what we think it is, is on unusual motion. When we think it is right by regulation, it turns wrong. Sometimes we think it’s wrong, it always wrong as we think. The right one rarely appear on the first time ever.
I think we stuck on the mind trap, it traps us to the logical of rightness regulation.

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