4 August – the day before Saturday – Exam day

Tomorrow is the day as my appraisement about my ferthur steps, that whether I suppose to ahead for Phd. or being career taker.
The first examination in 2006 education year for me, is the mid-term exam for Advance Engineering Economy subject. I don’t whether care or take responsibility for a semester class, but all return to me from the previous out-of-class reading knowledge that I have, and I don’t feel it is enough for me to get the A grade by the existing knowledge of mine. But anyway I curious that what if I spend more time on reading the detaily textbook, what should be happening to my grade, I think it’s not a thing for the subject. I don’t even believe that reading the detail of the explicity economy subject would help me more than what I have.
May or may be not, I just start reading by 4 hours ago after my meeting time. Whatever it is, it is. I don’t have enough endurance for reading the knowledge book that I don’t really interesting, for a long time. My contemplation is easily losing from the book, even it’s tomorrow that will be the exam day.
I hope and ask for the good grade from God. for god sake.

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