The missing me – “ask the dust” recalled me as the Pong

Sunday evening…
At Lido, I was watching the films called "ask the dust" –
‘Colin Farrell’ as the star actor and ‘Salma Hayek’ the mexican godess as the star actress.
All I want to mention is that out of the acting or how the story is or the guts emotional,
but it about the hidden in the story.
It’s me, my past!
I lost it once and don’t remember for a while, until I saw "me" in the movie.
I used to be him, acted like ‘arturo’ in the film. I mean, only in the term of emotion.
I used to be a bastard man, look at a girl and falling into her, but didn’t take a good action to her!!
I spoke worse, to had a response in order to continuing conversation.
It made me feel like a mean guy, bastard pimp.
And one day when the time continued pass by the movement of the world, me at that time was suddenly disapeared.
I didn’t know where he go, but before I realized that I lost ‘me’, that "me" was gone.
I forgot ‘me’ for a long time. Until today, I recalled ‘me’ back here.
I think it might take sometimes to going back to "the pong" with the missing pieces.
But anyway while I consider this thing myself now, should it good to be the same ‘the pong’ as used to be in the past?
I answer myself even that time was my peak time and lots of girls are around me, no!,I don’t prefer to do anything similar to what I did before.
That’s rude.
but anyway I like the way I am. and I never feel really sorry in what I did so far.
I Love Thailand.
I Love You!!!

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PONG... me as the pong
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3 Responses to The missing me – “ask the dust” recalled me as the Pong

  1. Naphatr says:

    เห็นเค้าว่ามีหนังเลสอ่ะ ชื่อ blue ฤไรนี่แหล่ะ อยากดูๆ ไปดูกันม่ะคร่ะ

  2. Pichapong says:

    \’Queens\’ รึเปล่า?
    แม่ที่มีลูกเป็นเกย์ แล้วลูกจะแต่งงานกัน

  3. Pichapong says:


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