économiques – examination

"économiques" are everything about being breethe in society.
To contineuing toward the social direction, the terms demand – supply are defined.
The report:
I’d been presented my study about the "stochastic capital rational" on the 2 previous Saturday.
I submitted my presentation  slides, a report, and the full article. But it was not what the instructor want.
He need the different style of report compare to mine. I have to redo and submit on Tomorrow – Thursday 28th.
The examination:
Held on the coming Saturday, 30th Sept.
I have only a day left to read a whole semester reading article and try to understand them in every single line.
A damn lot of lines – sentences waiting for me to start read it on Friday.
An individual assignment of "économiques" is assigned the due date on 8 October with 20 marks.
another heavy loads for economic subject for me.
I need the rest to take a rest,
I need a place to take a rest,
I need a rest at the place,
I need to rest in a place!!

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2 Responses to économiques – examination

  1. Fern says:


  2. ~Little Twin Stars~ says:

    examination period is really hard to get through, but i know you can do ((pray for me too 555))
    Wish you get A, Wish I also get A  ^_^
    Take care naka. ((nice to see you today))

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