Death Goddess…. Miserable Photographer


Through a view finder…

    I ‘d seen some falling leaves while swirling wind blew.

The darkness stepped on-ward slowly

    Quiet plain pathway was covering by the darken light


Time by times – FIVE BY SIXs –

moving forward

A clock will never go backward

Every further moves are usual

My time was not any exception

One way direction is an ordinary stuff

Even if my image by camera turns back and forth

But I couldn’t go another than normal


Through a monitor screen

    It seems picture is shot perfectly,

            but neither get close to my perfection, nor my satifaction


Through my notebook monitor

    Only feeling of mine is about how less I could tell anything about lonely.


Tough and mild, lightness and darkness, or anything

I could not pretend to say anything about what I feel

I stuck to this……….. Since Monday!!!!!!!!1


About hyperglycimia

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One Response to Death Goddess…. Miserable Photographer

  1. ¤Tiramisu¤ says:

    U may lose one day but don\’t give up ur dreams. Pls, reset ur mind and start the new challenge.

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